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Superproduction of Opera na Zamku! Operetta hit, which is a must see!

  • Terminy:
    2021-03-06 19:00
    2021-03-07 18:00
  • Miejsce: Location: the main hall of the Opera
  • Czas trwania: Duration: approx. 3 hours (two breaks)
Ceny biletów:


She – the Countess, surrounded by a bunch of admirers, and yet lonely. He – an impoverished count, pretending to be a bailiff, looking for a job. The story of a great love and aristocrats'  disguises, where the last word belongs to the rich aunt, who rescues the lovers from a love disaster and... financial ruin. The executors of Szczecin's Countess Maritza took a fresh look on the classical operetta, saturating it with grotesque and surrealism, going into areas of fantasy and dreams.

Fot. W. Piątek | M. Hofman